Join RiverStar

Join RiverStar Farms and Make Your Sale a Success.

RiverStar Farms takes great pride in shipping the best quality products for your customers. The excellent quality of the Rio Grande Valley Grapefruit and Navel Oranges is legendary and is sure to make your sale a success. Our meat products are of the finest quality available on the market today. RiverStar Farms’ combination of great quality, dedicated service, and timely shipping offers you the best opportunity for making maximum profits.

  • Mail Acceptance Card as soon as possible to participate in RiverStar’s highly profitable fundraising program. We will mail the necessary sales material to you upon receiving your acceptance card.
  • Sales Materials such as colorful, easy-to-use brochures and posters are provided to your chapter at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
  • Competitive Prices will be available in late September for pre-Christmas sales.
  • All Orders should be received by us before order deadlines. We suggest that you start your sale six weeks prior to deadline dates.
  • Timely Delivery of your chapter’s order will take place before the holidays. Your chapter will be notified by phone as to the anticipated arrival time of your order. All shipments will be transported in refrigerated trucks. To ensure that your fruit or meat is delivered fresh and in top quality, we recommend that you deliver your product to your customers the same day that it arrives.
  • Collection of Payment is your chapter’s option. Some chapters choose to collect on delivery, while others require payment in advance. RiverStar Farms will invoice your organization when shipment is completed. We request that you remit payment to us within ten days upon receipt of invoice.
  • An Attractive Incentive Awards Program offers one point for each item sold. Catalogs are available and will be mailed to you when payment in full is received.

For RiverStar Farms to be able to assist you, it is imperative that you fill out the information form and E-mail it to RiverStar Farms or if you have received a brochure packet, fill out the Acceptance Card included in the package. We recommend that you download the Acceptance Form below, fill it out, and E-mail or fax it back to RiverStar Farms.

Download the Acceptance Form (PDF)